Thursday, May 26, 2022

Miss Utah Visits Nebo Schools and Promotes Servesteem: Increasing Self-Esteem One Act at a Time

Miss Utah, Dexonna Talbot, took time tobrvisit various Nebo schools recently.


Miss Utah started a Social ImpactbrInitiative to create awareness of Servesteem: Increasing Self-Esteem One Act atbra Time.


Talbot is doing just that by visitingbrstudents in Nebo schools. This particular visit was to Nebo’s Oakridge School,bra school for special needs children. While visiting the school, Miss Utah readbra book to students and performed her dance routine. Miss Utah was spottedbrwelcoming students with “red carpet flare” at Cherry Creek Elementarybron the first day of school. (Submitted to Serve Daily by Lana Hiskey.)

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