Pamela Becker selected as Teacher of the Month

ALA CongratulatesbrPamela Becker, September’s Elementary Teacher of the Month.


Becker has worked atbrALA since 2005. She currently teaches the second grade, and has taught highbrschool French as well.


Pamela graduated frombrLa Sierra High School in Citrus Heights, California. She later moved to Utahbrwhere she began working on her Bachelor’s Degree at BYU in Humanities. 


While studying abroadbrin Paris, and serving a French speaking mission, Becker found a new love in thebrFrench language, and decided to change her major to French. 


Becker loves to travelbrand is an avid reader of Charles Dickens, James Elliott, and Jane Austen. brShe and her husband Tim have 3 children. All of which have attended elementary schoolbrand later graduated from ALA. (Serve Daily submission.)

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