Saturday, May 14, 2022

Pioneer Museum is the place to remember Utah heritage

The Pioneer Museum,brsponsored by the Springville-Mapleton Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Company,bris located at 175 South, Main Street in the old Carnegie Library Building.


It is open Marchbrthrough November on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. Admissionbris free. You can call 801-491-2076 for private appointments during off hours.


If you are interestedbrin learning about the heritage of the area or in doing personal Springvillebrfamily research – this is the place.


There are artifacts,brhistories, photographs and documents of the area. All ages will enjoy thebrhands-on activities and games. Cub scouts, children’s groups and families arebralways welcome to visit the museum and glimpse the past.


On Sept. 26, thebrSpringville Sage Creek Elementary 4th grade classes visited the museum inbrconnection with their study of Utah History. The children played pioneer bingo,brmade a whirligig toy and learned about many artifacts from the pioneer earlybrUtah era.


For information aboutbrjoining the DUP organization go to www.isdup,org.


We are Daughters of the Future – Keepers of the Past, so ourbrchildren may know. (Submitted to Serve Daily by JudybrElsner.)

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