Why do we use pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns during Halloween?

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Why pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns during the Halloweenbrseason, you might ask. It goes back to East England and Irish folklore about abrvillage drunk, thief, and sinful character named Jack.


He bargained with the devil to stall his deathbrand when he finally died, he was too sinful for heaven and Satin didn’t wantbrhim in Hell. He was sentenced to wander the earth in darkness.


Satin threw him a burning piece of coal to lightbrhis way.


Jack placed the burning chunk of coal in a carvedbrout turnup. He became known as Jack of the lantern or Jack-o-lantern. There arebrseveral renditions of the story in different parts of Europe, but they are allbrsimilar and the Jack-o-Lantern was to ward off demons.


The Jack-o-Lantern folklore came to the UnitedbrStates from Irish and East England immigrants.


In North America Pumpkins were a symbol of the fall harvestbrand their large, round shape made them more attractive to carve than thebrtraditional turnup of the old country. Jack-o-Lanterns have now become a yearlybrHalloween tradition in the United States. (Helmick is a Serve Dailybrcontributor.)

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