Young Eagles Program provides opportunity for youth to experience the thrill of flying airplanes

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In September, 82 young people in thebrEphraim/Manti area registered for free flights to stimulate their excitementbrabout airplanes and flying.


It is important that our kids realize they toobrcan become pilots or peruse other aviation career opportunities. That samebryouth flight program is coming to the Spanish Fork Airport Oct. 26 andbrregistration is open now.


With the parental, permission young peoplebrbetween 6 and 17 years-old are being recruited for a free experience flying inbra general aviation airplane. This program is called Young Eagles and wasbrcreated by an organization known as the Experimental Aircraft Association.


This group gets its name because the organizationbrbegan as a group of people building their airplanes, which are registered asbrexperimental because they are not factory production airplanes. The 66-year-oldbrEAA organization has become one of the major aviation advocacy groups in thebrUnited States.


In 1991, members of the organization becamebrconcerned about bringing young people into aviation and they created the YoungbrEagles Program. To date over 2 million young people across the United Statesbrhave had flights.


The national EAA organization has local chapters to carrybrout its mission. The Utah County Chapter 753 and the Salt Lake County Chapterbr23 will be conducting the Spanish Fork Airport youth flights. The Young EaglebrFlights will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end about noon. You can register online atbr For morebrinformation contact Kurt Johnson at 801-539-9814. (Helmickbris a Serve Daily contributor.)

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