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Nebo district celebrates Native American Naat’áánii Day

Nov 01, 2019 01:51PM

The Nebo Title VI Native American Indian Program recently held their 5th Annual Leadership Day for their junior high and high school students and administration.

Naat’áánii in the Navajo language means “leader.” The root of this word means to plan, so Naat’áánii Day teaches those to use their thinking and planning for leadership.

Attendees at Naat’áánii Day were able to hear from Sahar Khadejenoury, a TV/film producer, digital storyteller, former educator, as well as an advocate for Native American rights within the entertainment industry.

“We are building leaders here in Nebo School District’s Indian Education program,” said program director, Eileen Quintana. “I am very grateful, happy and excited to work with such a great supportive team. Today, I had within our audience the students, administrators, and counselors from Nebo School District who have supported our program. Not only did we have attendees within the district, but we had important guests, the Director for Utah Division of Indian Affairs, Shirlee Silversmith, and the Utah Indian Education Specialist, Dr. Harold Foster, from Utah State Board of Education.”

The Nebo Title VI is a program helping youth within Nebo School District connect with one another, while strengthening and empowering them for the future.

“Nebo School District’s Title VI team works continuously for the academic, social, emotional, and cultural success of all Native American students,” said the Special Education/Federal Programs director, Mike Larsen

“This team coordinates with and serves alongside parents and families in providing support and opportunities for students to participate in and learn from such as the annual Naat’áánii Leadership Day.” (Serve Daily submission by Lana Hiskey.)