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Educators gather to discuss successful partnerships in higher education

Nov 01, 2019 01:54PM

Nebo School District educators had the opportunity to present at the national level at the National Concurrent Enrollment Conference held in Salt Lake City.

One topic of interest included how Utah Valley University increased their enrollment numbers. UVU requested educators from Nebo School District to come and share how the two educational institutions worked together to grow the college and career opportunities for students faster than any other school district in the state.

Cameron Gabler, a 2019 Nebo graduate, talked about winning the Concurrent Enrollment art show. The award inspired Cameron and others.

Nathaniel Morrell, a history teacher in Nebo School District at Salem Hills High School, shared how the UVU sponsorships offered his history classes a chance to visit with the governor of Utah.

The students’ paradigm switched from abstract government to real current issues as they asked Governor Herbert questions about legislation and problems that were personal to them.

Shaun Black and Brian Blake, career and college readiness specialists for Nebo School District, answered questions about the partnership that Nebo has with UVU.

The audience was fascinated that a university would be willing to send employees to each individual high school so the students and teachers could receive help and support at their home school.

The power of this presentation left the audience asking the question, “how can we build a relationship with our schools, so students and faculty can help students bridge the high school and university experiences?”

Trust was the message the national members took with them as they left. (Serve Daily submission by Lana Hiskey.)