Oasis opens doors in support of those with special needs

ThebrSpringville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce recently gathered for the Open Housebrand Ribbon Cutting for Oasis Community Art and Learning Center.


Civic leaders, chamberbrmembers, visitors and royalty, including Miss Utah, Miss Springville and Mr.brand Miss Inspiration were on hand to help in the celebration of the center.


The center is devotedbrto people who overcome significant obstacles every day and produce magnificentbrcreations in the refuge of Oasis!


TURN CommunitybrServices is a Utah non-profit organization founded by parents in 1973 to createbralternatives to institutions for their children and other family members withbrdisabilities. In 46 years, TURN has grown to serve nearly 850 individuals in 15brUtah counties, offering a full range of residential, day, employment, familybrsupport, and respite services. For more about TURN or Oasis, contact DavebrHennessey at (801) 376-6844 or davehennessey@turndreams.org.

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