Spanish Fork residents help Young Eagles soar over Manti

The communities ofbrEphraim and Manti are rural towns about eight miles apart and 100 air milesbrsouth of the Salt Lake metropolitan area. Their combined population is aboutbr10,000 people.


In late September,brYoung Eagle Flights were conducted by EAA Chapter 753 from Provo. The YoungbrEagle Flights are for youngsters age 8 to 17 to experience aviation in a smallbrairplane and hopefully create future pilots. Out of this small-town population,br74 young people took flights and for many of them it was the first time theybrhad ever been in an airplane. 


The Young Eagles camebrfrom 46 families in the Ephraim Manti area and included 46 boys and 28 girls.


A number of the townsbrpeople, including the City Manager of Ephraim, Shawn Kjar were out to thebrairport to see what was going on. A common question was will you do this nextbryear and do you have a program for adults? The answer to these questions isbrthat with this much excitement about flying, absolutely, yes.


The flights werebrconducted at the Manti-Ephraim Airport (41U) with four airplanes. EAA membersbrJeremy Hallows, Ted Meikle, and Tom Herbert were local pilots supporting thebrevent and Cris Child flew down from Spanish Fork. Ground support was providedbrby Provo EAA Chapter 753 members Bob Bairband, TJ Rasband, Nate Rasband, Ed andbrJanice Helmick. Foreign students from nearby Snow College assisted withbradministrative duties and escorting the young people to and from the a Serve Daily contributor.)

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