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Giving Tuesday

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This GivingTuesday, the Utahbrnon-profit Academy of Self-Reliance will inspire generosity by acceptingbrdonations to support an initiative to create pesticide-free, flower-richbrhoneybee habitats around the globe, beginning here in the Beehive State.


The Academy has partnered withbrEarths Purest and the GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative to raise funds for thebrlaunch of the first of many “GeoCure BeeHabs”.


GivingTuesday is a globalbrgenerosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations tobrtransform their communities and their world. GivingTuesday will kick off thebrgenerosity season this year by inspiring people to give back on Dec. 3, andbrthroughout the year.


“Earths Purest’s founder,brChristian Hemmann, brought the plight of the world’s honeybees to thebrorganization’s attention.


“The Academy of Self-Reliancebrare happy to do our part by allowing the GeoCure Global Hive Cooperative tobroperate one of their bee habitats on our 1,245 Riverbed Ranch property,” saidbrPhilip Gleason, founder of the Academy. “Reviewing a recent USDA report, we sawbrthat the nation’s beekeepers are frantically setting up well over a million newbrhives a year to compensate for huge losses every year due to the widespread usebrof pesticides and the dwindling variety and quantity of flowers bees dependbrupon. Without that effort, it’s likely the honeybees would disappear, causing abrhuge spike in the cost and availability of fruits and vegetables and especiallybralmonds.”


“We’re doing our part to helpbrsave the bees by launching a GivingTuesday campaign to raise funds for EarthsbrPurest’s global bee-saving initiative, and hope the community will support usbrin helping them.”


GivingTuesday was launched inbr2012 as a simple idea: to create a day that encourages people to do good. Overbrthe past seven years, this idea has grown into a global movement that inspiresbrhundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.brPeople demonstrate generosity in many ways on GivingTuesday.


Whether it’s helping abrneighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, orbrgiving to causes we care about, every act of generosity count. GivingTuesdaybrhas raised billions of dollars for critical causes around the world and getsbr14.2 billion impressions on social media from people and organizations speakingbrup for the causes that matter to them and encouraging others to get involved.


“GivingTuesday inspiresbrpeople all around the world to embrace their power to drive progress around thebrcauses they care about, not just on one day but throughout the year.” saidbrAsha Curran, GivingTuesday’s CEO, and co-founder. “With country andbrcommunity leaders, millions of organizations, and countless givers of allbrkinds, GivingTuesday is creating a shared space where we can see the radicalbrimplications of a more generous world.”


Those who are interested inbrjoining the Academy of Self-Reliance’s GivingTuesday initiative to #SaveTheBeesbrcan visit www.SaveTheBees.today. For more details about the GivingTuesdaybrmovement, visit GivingTuesday.org.

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