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Payson pilot heading for Mt. Everest as team researches how to survive in Mars

Dec 05, 2019 06:43PM

A pilot from Utah has been selected to join a pioneering research expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp in early 2020.

Lee Roberts, of Payson, will be heading to Mount Everest Base Camp as the crew engineer with a team of experienced analog astronauts, medical professionals, and researchers to participate in a mission organized by Mars Academy USA (MAU).

The team will live and work together in a habitat at 17,000 feet elevation that simulates conditions on Mars. During the expedition the team will test technologies and develop protocols that will enable humans to survive in the remote and extreme conditions found in space.

Roberts will be providing valuable insight to the group based on the experience he has gained from more than 20 years as a pilot with more than 12,000 flight hours.

The mission is scheduled for Feb. 16 to March 10. A GoFundMe has been created to help fund the mission for Roberts. To make donations, go to In addition, you can learn more about Roberts and his vision and journey by going to Learn more about MAU at marsacademyusa,com. (Serve Daily submission by Lee Roberts.)