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Brother and sister collecting cans for local charities

Dec 05, 2019 07:19PM ● By Arianne Brown

The crack, pop and fizz of a soda pop can is the universal symbol for “I’m about to drink some sugary, bubbly goodness.

However, when that last drop is gone, all you are left with is a can that you can do one of two things with: throw it in the garbage, or recycle it.

Two sophomores from American Leadership Academy are hoping you will choose the latter, but are taking it a step further.

Zac and Lexie Webster, who are twin brother and sister from Spanish Fork, started collecting aluminum cans and bringing them to their grandparents’ home and cashing them in for a little money after the cans had been recycled at the recycling center in Provo.

According to their father, James Webster, this was a fun thing for them to do.

“These two loved saving and collecting cans to get a little extra money,” he said.

“Recently, they thought that instead of taking the money themselves, that they would try to collect more cans and donate the money they got from the recycling center to local charities.”

The Webster’s called their efforts “Cans for Care,” and chose Tabitha’s Way in Spanish Fork and The Food and Care Coalition in Provo as the beneficiaries of their newfound organization.

“We decided to do this project because it’s a great way to promote donating and service though recycling,” Zac said.

“Our goal with this is that we grow this project and have everyone participating. We want everyone to understand how important recycling really is. We want to make a difference in our community, and what better way to do it than to serve?”

Recently, the duo, with the support of American Leadership Academy for the use of venue, collected 175 pounds of cans, which is equivalent to 5,600 cans.

The amount of money collected after donating to the cans, was $56.50 to donate to the charities. And while the Webster’s realize the amount didn’t add up to a lot, they are hoping that with the growth of their organization, it will soon add up to a lot more.

“This is our first go at this, and we know that it will start out small,” James Webster said. “We are looking to get the amount we just earned matched by local companies, so this initial amount could grow. Zac and Lexie are motivated, and I am proud of what they’ve done so far.”

Right now, “Cans for Care” has both drop-off and pick-up options for people to donate their cans to.

For more information on how to get involved, go to (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)