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Salem Continues Traditional Christmas Display Around Pond

Dec 05, 2019 07:24PM ● By Ed Helmick

The city and businesses of Salem have their own spectacular Christmas display on and around the pond the town was originally named for.

It is a smaller display than the Spanish Fork Christmas fantasyland drive through, but the Christmas trees floating on the water are a wonderful sight with the lights reflecting off the water.

The number of lights you see is effectively doubled by the reflection in the pond. This year they have replaced some of the nativity pieces and added new lighting to that display. They have also added a lighted garland that stretches over the main road into Salem on SR-198.

The lighted Christmas trees in the middle of the pond, the lighted horse carousel, and the decorated foot bridge create an old fashion Christmas theme. Additional small light scenes further compliment the venue for a memorable family evening this holiday season.

The annual Salem Pond Christmas lights originated 17 years ago when some residents liked the fourth of July fireworks reflecting in the pond and suggested a Christmas lights display reflecting in the pond.

A plumbing business donated plastic pipe and city employees-built pontoons to support lights in the shape of Christmas trees. The trees were anchored to a cable stretched across the pond that also carried a power cord for the lights. The Christmas display has always been dually supported by the city of Salem and the business community.

The Salem Pond Christmas lights are turned on from 5:30 to 11 p.m. through New Year’s Eve. This is a free holiday event, there is no fee for driving the city streets around the Salem Pond. As you drive through Salem on SR-198 look for 200 West, and the display is located at Knoll Park, 200 West 300 South.

As a bit of local history, Salem was founded in 1851 and was originally known as Pond Town after pioneers created the pond by damming the creek. More dams later enlarged the pond. The town was later renamed Salem after Salem, Massachusetts, the birthplace of early settler Lyman Curtis. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)