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Utah Youth Education inbrShooting Sports has been awarded a $7,500 donation from the ACUI Clay TargetsbrFund.


This donation will be made tobrthe MidwayUSA Foundation’s Agency and Team endowment programs, which providebrfunding in perpetuity to promote Utah’s youth shooting sports. This donationbrspecifically helps grow the sport for Utah’s college clay target athletes.


These funds were madebravailable from the ACUI Clay Target 3:1 Team Endowment Match offered during thebrmonth of October. If a team contributed $500 to their MidwayUSA Foundation TeambrEndowment account, the ACUI Clay Targets program contributed a 3:1 match. Thisbrmatch was only made available to teams with college athletes, or thatbrparticipate in ACUI Clay Target events.


The donation was made to thebrfollowing endowment accounts held at the MidwayUSA Foundation: $1,500 to thebrUtah Youth Education in Shooting Sports Agency Endowment; $1,500 to the CachebrValley Crushers Team Endowment, Logan; $1,500 to the Cedar Clay Breakers TeambrEndowment, Cedar City; $1,500 to the Riverton Shooting Club Team Endowment,brRiverton; $1,500 to the Skyline X Team Endowment, Spanish Fork.


“We appreciate the ACUI ClaybrTarget program for their generous support of college clay target sports inbrUtah,” said Brian Beard, President, UTYESS. “UTYESS is striving to invite andbrinclude more of Utah’s college athletes to clay target sports and this donationbrassists us in achieving that mission.”


Through their affiliation withbrUSAYESS, UTYESS partners with the ACUI Clay Target program, the largest collegebrclay target program in the nation. All USAYESS state championships, includingbrthe UTYESS Youth State Championships, include a State Collegiate Championshipbropen to all college students meeting ACUI Clay Target program eligibilitybrcriteria.


The ACUI Clay Target programbris a nonprofit, student-centered, campus-based community of student athletes,brvolunteer and paid coaches, range facilities, sponsors, friends, families, andbrACUI staff. This inclusive community provides a foundation for studentbrdevelopment, leadership opportunities, and personal growth. The program invitesbrhigh school juniors and seniors to compete in conference championship events,brwhich provides the opportunity to engage in the experience of shooting at thebrcollegiate level.


For more information on ACUIbrClay Targets, visit acui.org/claytargets. (Serve Daily submission.)

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