Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Principal announced for new Valley View school

David Knudsen has beenbrappointed the Principal of the new Valley View Middle School in Salem by thebrNebo School Board of Education, starting in January.


Knudsen received hisbrbachelor’s degree in Physical Education and his master’s in EducationalbrLeadership both from Brigham Young University.


He was also a BrighambrYoung University Leader Preparation Program recipient. For the past two andbrhalf years, Knudsen served as Principal of Salem Junior High.


Previously, he was thebrAssistant Principal at Maple Mountain High for five years and at SpringvillebrJunior High. Knudsen taught physical education, math, and history classes atbrboth Springville Middle School and East Carbon High School. He also coachedbrgirls’ basketball at Springville High and East Carbon High and coached track atbrEast Carbon High.


He is recognized asbrsomeone with keen administrative skills, who is well organized and worksbrsuccessfully with teachers, parents, and students. He has a personable mannerbrand deals well with all people.


His love of students,brand his sincere desire to make a difference in their lives makes him anbrexcellent administrator.


“I have come to the realization that a large part of us isbrmade up of the relationships and experiences we have in this life,” Knudsenbrsaid. “The wonderful thing about education is that we can influence these twobrthings in the lives of the people around us. What we do is vital to helpingbrpeople be successful throughout their lives.” (ServebrDaily submission by Lana Hinskey.)

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