Richards selected as new principal at Salem Junior High School

Keith Richards hasbrbeen appointed the Principal of Salem Junior High by the Nebo School Board ofbrEducation, starting in January.


Richards earned hisbrbachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education from Utah Valley University and hisbrmaster’s degree in Education Administration from Southern Utah University. Hebris currently the Assistant Principal at Spanish Fork High and was the AssistantbrPrincipal at Mapleton Junior for three years and also served as the Dean ofbrStudents.


He taught mathematicsbrat Salem Hills High for two years and at Diamond Fork Junior for four years.brSome of Richards’ awards include Teacher of the Year for Salem Hills High inbr2015 and Nebo District PEAK Award Winner in 2018.


Richards is recognizedbras someone who creates a positive, warm culture at the school, and buildsbrrelationships with students, teachers, parents, and staff members. He is abrthoughtful listener and shares great ideas. When students do not follow schoolbrrules, he helps them replace negative behavior with positive behavior.


One of his favoritebrquotes is by Paul “Bear” Bryant: “It’s not the will to win thatbrmatters–everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” Keithbrsaid,


“In this competitive world, students need to be prepared andbrhave the drive to win in whatever their dreams may be in life,” Richards“I have had many mentors in my life, beginning with my family, who has been abrhuge support to me in all that I do and in all of my crazy endeavors; followedbrby many teachers and administrators that have really shaped and made me abrbetter educator.” (Serve Daily submission by LanabrHinskey.)

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