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The Association of EnergybrEngineers awarded Nebo School District, including Energy Specialists BodiebrBradley and Russell Maughan, the Chairman’s Sustainability Award for theirbrcommitment to energy efficiency through equipment, lighting, and controlsbrupgrades.


Since partnering withbrCenergistic (an energy conservation company) in 2013, Nebo School District hasbradded 700,000 square feet of building space without increasing the utilitybrbudget. In addition, Nebo District experienced a 24 percent reduction in itsbrelectrical usage or 4.441 million KBTU saved through conservation efforts. Thisbrequates to 1.7 million trees or 14,000 cars on the road for an entire year.


“The entire school district isbrdeserving of the Chairman’s Sustainability Award. The conservation efforts ofbrevery employee have contributed to a reduction in energy-use,” said“Nebo School District’s usage trend will continue to decrease as we all do ourbrpart to conserve energy.”


“There is no question thatbrwith Russell Maughan and Bodie Bradley, we have two of the best energybrconservation specialists not only in the state of Utah, but also in the entirebrUnited States,” said Superintendent Rick Nielsen “Not only are they aware ofbrbest practices when it comes to energy conservation, but they are also verybrgood in their interpersonal skills and their relationships with other people.”br(Serve Daily submission by Lana Hinskey.)

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