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Students create Christmas Cards for school district

Nebo School District received entries for its Christmas card.

This year, junior high school students competed for the honor.

All of the following students received recognition and some money for their talent and hard work.

Nebo has many talented artists and is thrilled to recognize some of them. We are especially grateful to our art teachers that encourage their students to practice and develop their talents. Scroll through the photos to see the following winners:

First Place: $100 to Heather Gunnerson, a ninth-grader at Salem Junior High.

Heather’s art teacher is Scott Shaffer.

Second Place: $75 to Kenadi Squires, an eighth-grader at Diamond Fork Junior High.

Kenadi’s art teacher is Ashley Mickelson.

Third Place: $50 to Leah Ford, a seventh-grader at Salem Junior High.

Leah’s art teacher is Scott Shaffer.

Heather’s artwork went out to more than 4,800 Nebo School District employees as the Nebo School District Christmas card as well as to other school districts across the state.

Kenadi’s artwork is on the Nebo Education Foundation’s Christmas card and went to hundreds of generous people and businesses that donated throughout the year to the Nebo Education Foundation for students and teachers of Nebo School District. (Serve Daily submission.)