American Leadership Academy recognizes Rick Robinson as Teacher of the Month

American Leadership Academy would like tobrrecognize Rick Robinson as the December Teacher of the Month.


Robinson has been teaching at ALA since 2008. Hebrcurrently teaches Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Jazz. You may also see him teachingbrhis dancers ballet, lifts, and tumbling skills. Robinson studied Philosophy,brHistory, Dance and Portuguese at BYU. He received a minor in Dance in 1994, andbris currently working on finishing his Bachelors in History and Portuguese.


His love for dancing began in 1986 when he took abrballroom dance class at BYU. He continued dancing as a member of the BYUbrballroom dance team, and in 1992, was part of the Latin Formation Championshipbrteam who competed at the Black Pool England Event. In 1993, he was part of thebrU.S. Amateur Latin American Champions team.


Robinson joined the Odyssey Dance Theatre in 1994brdancing hip hop and ballroom. He tried his hand in choreography in 1996 whenbrThriller made its debut. Since then, he has choreographed seven other piecesbrfor Odyssey. He has made appearances on Star Search, Dancing with the Stars, SobrYou Think You Can Dance, and Live to Dance.


His greatest accomplishments have been teachingbrand mentoring students of dance. Some of those students are Derek and JuliannebrHough, Mark Ballas, Lindsay Arnold, Whitney Carson, Brittany Cherry, JaymzbrTuaileva, Tanisha Belnap, and several more. When Rick is not teaching dance atbrALA, you can find him at his studio, Center Stage in Orem, The Vibe studio,brCharisma and The Dance Club. He also enjoys reading Aristotle, Socrates,brTolstoy, and many other philosophers. He and his wife have five children, allbrdancers. (Serve Daily submission by Stephanie Chingas.)

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