Captains’ Academy gathers athletic leaders to discuss ways to encourage sportsmanship in youth

Athletic leaders frombrsecondary schools in Nebo School District gathered Nov. 20, for Captains’brAcademy, a program implemented to increase communication and friendship amongbrstudent athletes and encourage sportsmanship and leadership.


Nebo School Districtbrheld the Captains’ Academy for all Nebo junior high and high school sportsbrcaptains participating in winter sports. This event, held three times a year,brhelps the student athletes focus on leadership and sportsmanship.


The sports representedbrin the winter academy include boys’ and girls’ basketball, wrestling, drill,brboys’ and girls’ swimming, band, and debate. The student athletes were welcomedbrby Dr. Everett Kelepolo, principal at Springville High.


All of the studentbrcaptains sit with their peers. They listen to each presentation, and then workbrcollaboratively to present back to the entire group their position and ideas.


“Through Captains’brAcademy, we hope students get a better idea of what it means to lead and thebrrole of sportsmanship in athletics and activities,” Kelepolo said.

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