Saturday, May 28, 2022

Chairbound Sportsman Organization celebrates end of year with hunts for disabled

The ChairboundbrSportsman Organization, following a successful annual Christmas Dinner on Dec.br7, held its last ram sheep hunt on Dec. 14.


The ram sheep hunt wasbron Dave Shaperd’s Water Hollow Ranch for the benefit of Jack Charlesworth, abrparaplegic from polio; Derek Barney a paraplegic from a car accident; and ToddbrLobato, a wounded warrior. All three got their ram sheep.


The past year was busybrfor the Chairbound Sportsman, with 37 hunts, including 11 turkey hunts, fourbrpheasant hunts for 29 members, one antelope hunt, three elk hunts, one moosebrhunt, and 11 ram sheep hunts.


They also had sixbrfishing trips involving 31 members. The only requirement to be a participatingbrmember is an injury or disability that qualifies you as a handicapped. Thebroutdoor sportsman events are free to participants and entirely funded bybrdonations.


January 2020 is the 10-yearbranniversary of the Chairbound Sportsman Organization under the leadership ofbrSpringville resident Kenneth Vaughn. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit volunteerbrorganization. Their annual fund-raising banquet is scheduled for Feb. 22 at thebrProvo Elks Lodge.


They are currentlybrlooking for donations from individuals and businesses that can be auctionedbrduring the banquet. They also have dinner packages and corporate tables availablebrfor the banquet by contacting Kenneth at (801) 499-9770 or visit their websitebrat . These folks are doing more than any otherbrorganization in the state of Utah to help the disabled enjoy outdoor activitiesbrsuch as target shooting, hunting, fishing, and camping. (Helmickbris a Serve Daily contributor.)

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