Friday, May 27, 2022

Law enforcement joins forces with high school students to spread the word on seatbelt safety during holidays

Members of the UtahbrHighway Patrol and local police officers in partnership with the Utah CountybrHealth Department, Utah Valley Medical Center Trauma Unit, and Nebo SchoolbrDistrict gave high school-aged students a seatbelt safety reminder.


As school let out atbrthe high schools on Dec. 10, including Springville High, Maple Mountain High,brSpanish Fork High, Salem Hills High, and Payson High Schools, approximately 100brofficers and student council representatives handed out more than 10,000 candybrcanes and 8,000 Lifesaver candies to students.


The student councilbralso created motivational signs to remind students the importance of wearing abrseatbelt, especially this time of year.


Trooper BlakebrBradford, Utah Highway Patrol, said the best Christmas gift “would be to havebrno fatalities in the state of Utah, so everyone can spend the holidays as abrfamily, the way it should be.”


Salem Chief of Police,brBrad James, said, “This is a great opportunity for us to interact with ourbrstudents in a positive way as we promote safety.”


“We are grateful tobrpartnership with the Utah Highway Patrol and local law enforcement in keepingbrstudents safe,” said Superintendent Rick Nielsen.


“We encourage allbrstudents and staff to wear seat belts and save lives especially during this holidaybrseason.” (Serve Daily submission.)

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