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Local student makes her mark in trampoline and tumbling during World Championships

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Local student makes her mark in trampoline and tumbling during World Championships

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Shelby Nobuhara (15),brof Mapleton took sixth place in the floor event at the World Age GroupbrCompetitions for trampoline and tumbling in Tokyo, Japan on Dec. 15. Accordingbrto Shelby, competing at the World Championships was something she wanted andbrworked hard toward for many years.


“I started takingbrtumbling classes when I was 8-years-old, but I flipped around my house for abrwhile before my mom decided to put me in a class,” she said.


For the past severalbryears, Shelby has been training at High Altitude Tumbling in Provo, andbrcompeting in trampoline, double mini and power tumbling. In order for her tobrqualify for the World Championships, Shelby said there were many local andbrthree national competitions throughout the season leading up to it.


“To qualify for worldsbrthere are three national competitions throughout the season,” she said. “Thebrselection procedures change from year to year, but it usually is based off ofbryour two highest scores out of those three meets. When the scores are added,brthe top three highest are selected and there is usually a discretionarybrposition for the fourth spot.”


Shelby said that justbrqualifying to compete at World’s was an honor, so making it to the final andbrplacing was icing on the cake.


The sixth-placebrtumbling pass consisted of five whips, a back handspring and a dismount withbrtwo fulls and a straight.


“Getting sixth placebrwas honestly unexpected, especially for floor as it’s my weaker event, but thatbrmade it even more rewarding,” she said. “I was so nervous going into finals,brbut then again I wasn’t expecting to make it that far, so I just decided thatbrif I left everything on the floor, I’d be happy, regardless of the numericalbrresults. Overall I was thrilled that I placed sixth and I was very proud of allbrof my competitors that are more like friends that I got to compete with.”


While Shelby is abrfierce competitor, she said getting to know the other tumblers made it feelbrlike family.


“World’s was anbrunforgettable experience,” she said. “I love being out on the competition floorbrat an international level, it’s such a different atmosphere. It’s not likebryou’re competing against the other athletes or countries, it’s like you’rebrcompeting with them. We all want everyone to do their very best. All of usbrunderstand the amount of hard work that got us to this point, so we are allbrgenuinely supportive of one another.”


Shelby said that itbrwas through the help and support of her family, teammates and coaches that havebrgotten her this far.


“This may bebrconsidered an individual sport, but my teammates and coaches have truly made mebrinto the athlete I am today,” she said. “They push me to not only become abrbetter athlete, but also a better person. They help me through the worst daysbrand celebrate with me on the best. I will never be able to thank my family,brteammates, and coaches enough for all the support and love they’ve shown mebrsince day one.”


As for future goals,brShelby says she will be setting her sights on being selected to represent thebrUSA in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2021. (Anderson Brown is a sophomore atbrPayson High School. He enjoys learning about other accomplished athletesbrthrough his Student-Athlete of the Month column.)

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