Saturday, May 28, 2022

Nebo Credit Union helps ‘Warm the Soles’ during holiday season

Nebo Credit Union,brwith the help of local businesses and community members, has participated inbr“Warm the Soles,” during the Christmas season for the past 20 years.


Warm the Soles is abrfundraiser organized to provide new shoes for students. Beginning in 1999 withbronly 25 pairs of shoes, the effort has grown to providing 1,248 pairs of shoesbrfor students in 46 schools.


With planningbrbeginning in January, teachers search for students in need, get their shoebrsize, and send the information to Nebo Credit Union. Nebo Credit Unionbremployees, in turn, purchase the shoes right before Christmas.


After the shoes havebrbeen wrapped, they are delivered to the appropriate school. East MeadowsbrElementary, Rees Elementary, and Spanish Fork Junior High all donated the moneybrthey earned through their schools’ Penny Wars. Students from Maple MountainbrHigh in the FBLA and marketing classes helped wrap the shoes.


Additionally, NebobrCredit Union customers had the option of deferring a loan payment to donatebrmoney to Warm the Soles. Nebo Credit Union had 20 employees, nine youth, andbreight Famous Footwear employees from the Spanish Fork store that helped withbrshopping for the shoes.


“For many students,brthis will be the only wrapped Christmas gift they receive,” said Mary AnnbrEyres, of Nebo Credit Union. “We are grateful we can help play a part inbrhelping brighten their lives this Christmas season.” (ServebrDaily submission.)

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