Thursday, May 26, 2022

Spanish Fork Airport manager plans monthly breakfast for flying enthusiasts

Spanish Fork AirportbrManager, Cris Child, not only manages the airport for Spanish Fork, but he isbralso a pilot and aviation enthusiast. He is always thinking of ways to promotebrthe airport and the biggest example is the annual Airplanes, Trains, andbrAutomobiles event.


Now he has another idea,bra monthly airport breakfast for pilots, airport users, and aviationbrenthusiasts. Six airport businesses and organizations have sponsored twobrbreakfasts a year; Utah Aviation Services, Platinum Aviation, EAA Chapter 753,brSpringville Flying Club, Phoenix Air Academy, and Rick Strong.


The breakfast is free,brbut donations are welcome and encouraged. If donations exceed the cost of thebrfood, any excess will be donated to the Gail S. Halvorsen Aviation EducationbrCenter.  Pilots from out of town are welcomebrto fly-in and join the breakfast.


The fist Spanish ForkbrAirport breakfast is scheduled for Jan. 18, and will be held the third Saturdaybrof each month, from 9 to 11 a.m. in Hangar #6.


The monthly airportbrbreakfast also provides an opportunity for Nebo School District aviationbrstudents to get uniquely acquainted with local pilots who love to inspire youngbraviators. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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