51 Scouts

Boy Scouts of America Troop 1467 awarded the Eagle Scout rank to 51 young men during the 15 years of its existence.

Sponsored by the Hobble Creek 14th Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 14 of these young men completed the Eagle requirements during the last 14 weeks of 2019.

These most recent Eagles received their awards at an outstanding Court of Honor held on Jan. 12, including a video in which each candidate introduced himself, mentioned his Eagle project, those it benefited, and told what he most enjoyed in his Scouting experience.

Then each young man with his parents were awarded their insignia followed by the young man announcing his selected mentor to be recognized with his mentor pin.

The pinnacle of the occasion was the gratitude, respect and appreciation shared by the young men, their friends, parents, and families, and the many leaders who loved and taught them.

Special tribute was given to the last Scoutmaster, Shawn Gallagher, and his devoted wife Ann.

A noteworthy portion of the event was when Patti Richards, director of the Great Basin Wildlife Rehabilitation facility located in Mapleton, presented some life-building information about eagles. Then each new Eagle Scout was photographed with Patti’s golden eagle hovering near his shoulder. (Serve Daily submission.)

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