I was served by observing your love for each other

February is that time of year when the earth is still enveloped in its wintry weather, yet the prospect of spring is on the horizon.

It is the time when love abounds in anticipation of more sun-filled days and life-filled Earth.

We begin to live more and love more, and we celebrate this in a love-filled holiday we call Valentine’s Day.

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s Day, nor any holidays designated for doing things we already should be doing.

However, I am a fan of love — true love that you can see and feel. Over the years, I have been inspired by seeing the way couples love each other in every day, and it has helped me understand love in all its forms.

I once saw a man look at his wife and smile a smile that said everything: He thought she was cute, funny, adorable, and smart. He loved her without any words being said — just a look. I couldn’t help but smile, too.

I’ve often seen older couples walk my neighborhood in the morning. Some hold hands, while others walk side-by-side. In either case, they are together, and it makes me excited for those years ahead of early morning walks with my husband.

I love it when I hear a husband or wife say good things about the other when the other one isn’t there. Like the time a friend of mine talked about how good her husband was with their child with special needs, or the time my neighbor brought by some garden produce, praising his wife for her green thumb.

Oh, and that forehead kiss that I see in pictures friends post on social media gives me chills because it is the ultimate in giving with little in return. I have one of those pictures and have been the recipient of one of these kisses many times. Guys, the forehead kiss. Remember the forehead kiss.

It’s awesome to see couples serve each other by taking a child in the hallway at church so the other can enjoy a lesson. I know a husband who will clean the kitchen and bathrooms while his wife is out on a run. Oh, wait, that’s my husband.

And as I type this right now, my own teenage daughter is telling me about a crush she has, and my kindergarten son tells me daily about a cute girl he hopes he will marry one day. Seeing love in all its budding and blooming varieties — even during the times when it seems dormant — helps me to know that it comes in many forms. Watching others love each other every day, inspires me to do more.

So, on Valentine’s Day and every day, I hope we can all show our significant other how much we love them. (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)

Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown is a mom of nine who writes columns for many local and national publications. She currently resides in Payson, and enjoys looking for good happenings in her area and sharing them for others to read about. For more of her stories, search "A Mother's Write" on Facebook.

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