Saturday, September 24, 2022

Volunteers strive to help make life better for girls around the world

For the past five years the Payson Days for Girls Team has given time, skill, and passion to make a difference in the lives of girls around the globe.

Not only has the team and volunteers made and distributed 12,300 washable sanitary kits, but several thousand various single components in 21 countries.

Many third world countries are without sanitary items for menstrual age females. Education and sanitary advice are paramount to these countries.

These hygiene items are passed out to menstrual age women, who are instructed in the care of the hygiene items.

This service boosts the self-esteem and physical care of menstrual women and conditions in which they live are more sanitary

This organization gathers material, sews sanitary kits, assemble items, and send the kits to countries who are in need.

The kits and education are embraced by these females and they are eager to participate in Days for Girls. The chapter meets every Tuesday from 9 a.m. to noon at the Santaquin North Stake Center, 545 North, 200 East.

Interested people are invited to come and participate in this cause. If your business, clubs, family or church group would like to host a service project through the Payson Days for Girls Chapter, call 801-960-8552 or email (Serve Daily submission.)

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