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Nebo Students Selected for the Utah All-State High School Art Show

Feb 12, 2020 12:47PM
Nebo students from across the district were chosen to exhibit their talent at the Utah All-State High School Art Show at the Springville Museum of Art from February 8 to March 20, 2020.

Nebo is proud of our talented artists across the district. Thank you for being Nebo Heroes!!

Springville High Students
Aubrey Burton - “Oriental Garden” - digital painting
Aubrey Burton - “Tears of Bleeding” - color mixed media
Emily Clisbee - “Holding on to Time” - gouache
Emily Clisbee - “Undivided Attention” - collage
Savannah Clyde - “Self Verity” - mixed media
Katelyn Hollister - “My Dying Sunspot” - oil on canvas
Caleb Patten - “Bad Luck” - spray paint
Madeleine Unguren - “Hello :)” - acrylic on board
Yunuen Vargas - “Dead, But Still Here” - oil on board
Jane Wilson - “Plunge” - clay
Jane Wilson - “Dependent” - acrylic on board  

Payson High Students
Lauren Cowan - "The Fox" - graphite - First Place Award, Third Congressional District
Karlene Shaw - "Meltdown" - graphite
Connor Raven - "Organicum" - pen & ink

Maple Mountain High Students
Rebecca Carter
Jessica Draghon - “Lyon Art” - Studio Scholarship Award
Caleb Crawford - Chosen for the Traveling Show

Salem Hills High Students
Samantha Kirkwood
Corbyn Hoover
Brooke Wilson

Spanish Fork High Students
Gail Bartholomew
Jack Beck
Erin Plewe