Mt. Nebo Junior High Choir performs for school board

Mt. Nebo Junior High Choir instructor, Russ Sumens, and his choir recently had the opportunity to perform for the Nebo Board of Education.

Sumens enthusiastically led the choir in musical numbers that enthralled the eager crowd and the Nebo School Board of Education.

The first song was in the Zulu language and is called “Singabahambayo” and the second song was a beautiful medley of “Sing Your Way Home” and “Goin Home.”

The Mt. Nebo Chamber Choir consists of seventh, eighth, and ninth-grade students who auditioned to be in the advanced choirs at Mt. Nebo Junior High.

Mr. Sumens said, “These are some of the most dedicated and hard-working students I have ever worked with. We will typically work eight to 12 weeks to prepare songs for a concert, but these students were focused and able to accomplish these two songs in just over four weeks,” Sumens said.

“I could not be more proud of them. These students exemplify the best qualities of the students at Mt. Nebo.” (Serve Daily submission.)

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