Monday, September 26, 2022

Principal recognized as instructional leader of the year

The school principal of Barnett Elementary in Payson was recently recognized as the Instructional Leader of the Year in Utah.

Principal Angela Stoddard was recognized during the Utah Association of Elementary School Principals Conference.

The Instructional Leader Award goes to a principal who has improved student achievement through leadership with teachers, staff, and community.

Stoddard and her staff have focused on literacy, with a goal of having all students make a year’s growth in reading, and to improve their literacy scores on state assessments.

With a focus on goals and collaboration, all students, parents, and staff are working together to help meet these school-wide goals.

Last year students at Barnett Elementary improved 1,707 reading levels and 91 percent of the student body made a year’s growth in reading.

Barnett Elementary also improved in all state literacy assessments. (Serve Daily submission.)

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