Viewpoint Music-We Must Find the Music for Children

Imagine a world where you walk into any room in any building, and everything is silent.

Occasionally, you hear typing on a computer or a quiet voice whispering to another. However, the world is gray. Everything is bland. How do you feel?

Our world will come to this if schools keep pushing the arts to the side. Many schools have left music classes out of their curriculum, claiming that there is not a need. However, the need for the colorful pieces from fine arts is extremely dire, especially with our children, as producing music and art should be viewed as a necessary skill.

With the decline in the arts, our children continue to crumble in seas of depression from everyday life without any breaks. Personally, while growing up, the arts provided a meaningful comfort for me to rely on.

We should enforce the need for arts in schools to bring a better state of mind back among our children. Music and art shapes the way that people live their lives, forms societies, and creates a sense of security. Why are we taking such pleasure away from our children?

Schools for all ages have decided that music and art classes are unimportant and have immensely decreased funding for these necessary classes.

We have the flexibility to make the arts a priority as well as subjects like math or science.

Schools need to make the effort to revise schedules, so we can provide our children with an education that includes necessary skills in music and art. Make time for these classes, and we will see the lasting benefits in our children, as they blossom into well-rounded young adults with many talents along with their knowledge.

While understanding a necessity for fundamental classes, we must recognize that by forcing years and years of constant core classes to our children, we need to give them a break occasionally from the necessary but tiring logic being fed to them.

This essential break is music and art classes. These classes clear children’s heads by allowing them to express themselves in a completely original method. Not only are music and art classes necessary, but also it is scientifically proven that music reduces anxiety and creates happiness for children.

In the past 20 years depression and anxiety levels in children have steadily risen into alarming numbers.

Regardless of other methods of raising spirits, we must take advantage of the simple use of the arts. As a society we need to recognize the importance of finding a solution to help our young ones find more peace in this world.

This peace will come through music.

A study done by Deakin University showed that “live music allows people to be happier, live longer, and reduce stress and anxiety levels by up to 65 percent” (Staff).

Although we cannot cure depression with music, we can spread pieces of joy through music into many children’s lives. To spread this joy as a community, everyone should petition to bring back a larger emphasis on the arts in schools.

Make your city provide funding to allow music to be shared with our children. Together, we will bring back the importance of seeing children’s’ faces light up after they finally perfect a rhythm or finish a beautiful art piece.

There must be a change with the importance of music in schools. Why wait to bring back joy for our children? To improve children’s’ views of the world, we must bring back the simple entity of fine arts that will make a major difference in their lives. Music and art will always have a profound effect.

Let’s bring back the music. (Serve Daily submission.)

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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