Monday, September 26, 2022

Young scientists excel at STEM Fair

Nebo’s young scientists demonstrated their scientific knowledge the week of Feb. 19 by sharing their projects at the Nebo School District STEM Fair.

Students from 25 schools in the district competed. Twenty-eight projects from the Junior/Senior Division and 100 projects from the Elementary Division will advance to the Central Utah Science and Engineering Fair at BYU.

Junior/Senior Division Best in Show:

First Place – Animal and Plant Sciences – Jesse Shepherd, Spanish Fork Junior High; Second Place – Earth and Environmental Science – Blaine Bartholomew, Spanish Fork Junior High; Third Place – Chemistry – McKaden Anderson, Payson High School; Fourth Place – Biology and Biochemistry – Elizabeth Lowe, Mapleton Junior High; Physics/Astronomy/Mathematics – Emmalyse Beecher, Spanish Fork Junior High; Physics/Astronomy/Mathematics – Jaxson Marsigli, Spanish Fork Junior High; Junior Behavioral and Social Science – Robert Folkman, Springville Junior High; Behavioral and Social Science – Tori Ludlow, Joan Meyers, Payson Junior High; Biomedical/Medicine/Health Sciences – Max Smith, Mapleton Junior High.

Elementary Division Best in Show

Engineering – James Sayre, East Meadows Elementary; Consumer and Product Testing – Connor Hamilton, Alex Butler, East Meadows Elementary; Life Science – Annie Jensen, East Meadows Elementary; Consumer and Product Testing – Grace Hall, Bailey Smith, East Meadows Elementary; Life Science – Hunter Fuja, Foothills Elementary; Computer Science – Ian Smith, Hobble Creek Elementary; Chemistry – Mick Winward, Maple Ridge Elementary; Engineering – Wade Parker, Riverview Elementary; Engineering – Blake Palmer, Sierra Bonita Elementary (Serve Daily submission.)


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