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Monthly Archives: April, 2020


Springvile Art City Days 2020 to resume in 2021.

What Grandma’s Doing While Quarantined

It is wonderful to know our local grocery stores have special times for the customers 60 years and older and high risk people as described by the CDC to get food.

I was served by many thoughts of concern and reaching out, even though we’re apart

I was out for a run up the “P” trail in Payson. I had the thought to contact a friend of mine in New York City. A quick text of, “How are you doing?” was what I sent.

Community Action Services offers help and opportunities for volunteers

Now, to guard against spreading this virus and adhere to social distancing guidelines, volunteers are actively preparing boxes that are being distributed to clients based on their family

Staying Social While ‘Social Distancing’

A month ago, I had never heard of the term “social distancing.” Now, it’s a way of life.

Spanish Fork business experiencing unparalleled growth

Dave Anderson is the Community and Economic Development Director for Spanish Fork City and he is obviously doing a good job at negotiating new brand name businesses to come to town.

Maybe We Can Make America Great Again

The panicked rush on all the major (and minor) grocery stores in the state the day after quarantine measures were announced nearly destroyed my faith in this country.

We never know the path others are traveling

It saddens my heart that so many are sick and so many are dying. May we at this time pause and have a moment of silence for those that we have lost. They are our family members, friends

Breathing Easy While Trapped Inside

Poor indoor air quality can cause many symptoms similar to COVID-19, leading to a lot of unnecessary worry and discomfort.

Director inspires her band with a love for all things Jazz

During the Little Warriors fund raising event on Feb. 22 my wife and I were amazed at the entertainment provided by the Payson Junior High School Jazz Band.

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