Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Small business humbled by show of support during crisis

It was March 14, and Mersadies Reber, owner of Fellas Chop Shop in Spanish Fork was getting ready to celebrate two years in business by offering $2 Classic Straight Razor Shaves.

Then, the unthinkable happened, and the Centers for Disease Control and Health Department set guidelines for social distancing.

Things like no more than 10 people at social gatherings and staying six feet away in an effort to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The day that was set aside for celebrating the business and appreciating customers, the popular barber shop had a total of five customers walk in their doors.

“It was a really hard day,” Reber said. “Since all this happened, we have been hit really hard, and we understand, but it still hurts us. Most of my barbers are the main breadwinners for their families. We don’t have sick leave and paid time off. If we don’t work, we don’t make money.”

Reber talked about how much she loves the community support they have received, noting that the South Valley Chamber of Commerce contacted her to check in, and that residents have asked how they can help.

She knows that as a business they will survive, but is concerned about those who work for her, and how they will weather this storm. (Brown is a Serve Daily contributor.)

Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown
Arianne Brown is a mom of nine who writes columns for many local and national publications. She currently resides in Payson, and enjoys looking for good happenings in her area and sharing them for others to read about. For more of her stories, search "A Mother's Write" on Facebook.
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