Leading Virtual Teams in Difficult Times

Many businesses are forced to either close their doors or work from home during this pandemic outbreak.

Businesses that can continue employing their workers through this time need to treat their employees as assets and not liabilities.

Management needs to lead their employees by serving them and removing barriers.

This will allow employees to be more engaged in their work and be more productive.

This type of leadership style is called servant leadership.

Leaders can do small, simple things to help their employees develop a positive environment in these circumstances.

The first way leaders can help their employees is through effective communication.

Leaders need to actively listen to their employees and see what their struggles are while dealing with the sudden change in their work environment.

Leaders need to schedule at least two meetings per week to follow up with their employee’s needs from their previous week and see what the leaders can do for the employees. These meetings can be Monday and Friday, or Tuesday and Thursday, whatever works best for the employee’s schedule. Second, leaders need to show appreciation to their employees and make sure to give them the acknowledgment they deserve, even if it is something very small.

Third, leaders can promote the vision of the organization to show that the organization is still functioning and staying committed to their core culture.

As leaders, I realize this is a tough time for you as well. If you will take the time to be proactive in making a plan on how you are going to serve your employees your organization will be rewarded by your employees being more productive.

The time you spend planning on how to remove barriers and show your employees you care and understand their situation will in turn give them a sense of security in the organization.

Leaders have a great responsibility in creating a positive and productive working environment. If leaders take the time to plan, they can have both with little effort. (Serve Daily submission.)

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