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Luckily, before the Coronavirus, Nebo student athletic leaders and captains from junior high and high schools gathered for a Spring Captain’s Academy in March at the Nebo School District Office.

Troy Bohling, coordinator of School Services, welcomed all these students and athletic directors from 13 schools. These team leaders were selected by their peers or their coaches as leaders on their respective teams.

Team captains of track and field, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, and softball teams from each secondary school in the district gathered for motivation and collaboration regarding sportsmanship and leadership.

“Captain’s Academy is a seasonal training where student leaders participate in activities and have the opportunity to gain insights into wellness, sportsmanship, and leadership,” Bohling said.

“This year marks the eleventh consecutive year of our thrice-yearly Captain’s Academy in Nebo School District.”

Students and athletes first heard from Camille Mejia, a therapist at Utah Valley LiVe Well. Mejia is a certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor and showed the students several exercises to strengthen their core, including the proper form for each exercise.

Mejia’s presentation culminated in a plank contest in which 10 students took on the challenge.

The second presenter was Phillip Sorensen, a science teacher at Diamond Fork Junior High and 2010 State Champion Wrestler at 189 pounds for Salem Hills High School.

Sorensen focused his presentation on sportsmanship, noting that he thoroughly enjoyed researching for his presentation. He gained several powerful insights along the way for himself. Specifically, he highlighted three rules of Alabama football:

1. Respect other players;

2. Don’t talk to the other team;

3. Emotion leads to emotional decisions and loss of control.

The concluding speaker was Bart Thompson, Dean of Students at Diamond Fork Junior High.

Thompson previously coached cross country and track at Spanish Fork High and Salem Hills High in the Nebo School District. Coach

Thompson said he had “the incredible opportunity of coaching shoulder to shoulder with some of the best coaches in the state and coaching literally thousands of wonderful young athletes.”

 His team won three state championships, four runner-up trophies and five to six third place finishes. Thompson drilled the concept of Leadership to the student athletes, focusing on the positive difference each can make over the long-term, and explaining the outstanding example of Ty Anderson, a student/athlete at Salem Hills High School. Anderson’s leadership led to a complete culture change that lasted long after his own passing. (Serve Daily submission.)

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