Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Schools continue long traditions, only differently

Nebo schools are continuing to reach out to students with digital learning, at-home learning, and other creative teaching methods.

An example of keeping traditions – differently, is Maple Ridge Elementary Schools Spirit Week.

It lasted a week and started with a photograph of the school’s administrative assistants, Jen Gatley and Wendy Simmons.

The traditional week long festivities included;


Oh the Places You’ll Go After Quarantine–dress up like a tourist and think about a place you’d like to go.


Terrific Troll Tuesday–Do your hair like a troll or dress like a troll and pinkie promise to be kind to your family and give them a hug or two.


Wacky Wednesday–Wear wacky socks or a mismatched outfit and get outside for a walk or a run. 


Look on the Bright-side Day–Wear neon and sunglasses and give yourself a couple of extra recess breaks.


School Spirit Day–Wear your Maple Ridge shirt and show some school pride.

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