22-year-old Mapleton Man, Caleb Johnson ‘CJ Sleeves’ Dies from Car Accident

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On the morning of May 29, 22-year-old Caleb Johnson of Mapleton was involved in a car accident that ended fatally. 

He left behind a loving family including his wife of less than one month, along with countless others who had grown to know and love him as a person and an artist.

Serve Daily readers were introduced to Johnson back in November when an article was published about the young artist who also went by the stage name “CJ Sleeves.” 

In the interview given to Serve Daily, Johnson expressed a deep love for rap music, and of connecting to people through music. 

He spoke about how influential his family has been in his life and his music. 

He made note of his then girlfriend Marissa, who would soon become his wife, expressing how he loved to sing with her, and how she inspired him to write meaningful lyrics.

In a statement given by the family to the press, his mother, Sheri Johson wrote the following: 

“Thank you again to Mapleton City Police, ambulance and fire. Because of their quick response in aiding my son at the scene of the accident, it gave him a chance to fight as hard as he could for his life, a chance for his sweet wife Marissa to be with him and pray for him, and for our family to be with him and pray for him and share our love to him one last time! 

“So many miracles are unfolding with this story and it comforts my broken heart to hear of all the selfless, Christlike people who tried to give my son a fighting chance! Forever grateful!

“Also a huge thank you to Mapleton City Chief of Police, John Jackson, who had the awful job of rushing to our home to inform us that our son had been in a horrific accident, and then put us in his vehicle and rushed us quickly and safely to Caleb’s side at the ER. 

“He was genuinely concerned about our wellbeing as well as Caleb’s condition. I feel so much gratitude for those first responders on the accident! Thank You from the bottom of my broken heart!”

We at Serve Daily send our heartfelt condolences to the Johnson family. 

A GoFundme page has been set up under “Help for Caleb Johnson” for any who would like to donate. (Brown is a Serve daily contributor.)

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