Monday, September 26, 2022

Payson-Santaquin chamber juggles events schedule in light of pandemic

The last three months have been a wild ride for the Chamber and it’s not quite over yet. 

With the COVID 19 pandemic that hit our world a few months ago, things have changed…a lot. 

Here are some of the changes that we have made or are making:

Drive around Easter Egg Hunt;

Virtual Board Meetings and networking events;

Canceling live events and substituting virtual ones;

A focus on content and training for this strange new business world;

A focus on social media and Google advertising.

Some of these things have already happened and some are in the works. As always, we’re working on creating value for our members and getting our members name out there as much as possible. Keep your eye out for emails and notifications for up-coming trainings or networking events. They may be virtual but they’ll be full of relevant information and strategies to keep moving forward.

The events that we usually enjoy during the summer such as, Onion and Orchard Days, are still uncertain but we’re moving forward with planning as if it’s going to happen. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and our optimism high.

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