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By Luke Brandley

A Good Cause Global, LLC is a family owned and operated business. 

Three brothers got together with ambition to offer the absolute best fundraising and donating solution. is a free and secure platform that allows you to create, manage, donate, and market your cause with one easy to use service. 

Key features include; highest payout, simple customizable campaign pages, a progress bar that encourages participation, social media integration, campaign dashboard and reports, a no hassle donation process, a secure website, and live customer support. 

This is all easily accessible via a desktop, tablet, and/or mobile device. 

One cause that we are seeking support for is Military Families Fortified. This is a nonprofit organization that courageously offers much needed assistance to military families. 

You can donate to this cause at In addition to the incredible persons sacrifices servicemembers make, we often forget that they also sacrifice being a spouse, a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a brother, or a sister. 

Those in the military deploy for great lengths of time away from their families and usually for multiple deployments within their career. For over 12 years, our team has had the opportunity and privilege in our practices to work therapeutically with the spouses, children, and the families that our military men and women leave behind. 

Military Families Fortified provide much needed hope to our deploying and returning soldiers and their families. We are asking for your help in honoring those in the arm forces. 

We are working to produce creative information and educational products that will reach out to the child and touch families in colorful story form and other products that connect with both the head and the heart. 

Our products and services come directly from real life experiences and years of professional research. 

This will allow our nonprofit organization a way to assist these amazing families at no cost to them. 

Our First Book is called, “Military Hurble-Flurble: Ben’s Terrible Tantrum”. It tells the story of Ben, a young boy whose father has recently been deployed. 

With the help of the Hurble-Flurble, an ageless, warm, and whimsical character, Ben and his family learn proven successful strategies and tools through a full-color children’s story. 

Adapted from real-life experiences and successes of military families Ben’s Terrible Tantrum addresses the hardships of deployment through an enjoyable story that is fun and helpful to both children and adults. 

This incredible book is available on Amazon and the proceeds go toward our valiant mission to help these families. You can donate to this cause at (Serve Daily submission.)

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