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Saturday, October 16, 2021
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A Journey to the Past

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On the other side of Soldiers Summit, 10 miles past Price on Highway 6, a left turn at the Wellington Miller Chevron station and 24 miles more will take you to a unique experience. 

Nine Mile Canyon Ranch, which has three beautifully restored pioneer cabins to rent. These are not your KOA type rental cabins. These are the actual cabins from early homesteaders in the canyon. Each cabin has its own history and was disassembled at the original location and reassembled on Ben and Myrna Mead’s Nine Mile Canyon Ranch. What is impressive is the interior decorating. It creates a wonderful old west experience.

The larger cabin is the Glen Edwards Cabin and it can accommodate up to six people at $60 per night. The middle cabin is the Theodore F. Housekeeper cabin that will accommodate eight people at $60 per night. The small cabin is the Al Thompson cabin that will accommodate up to four people at $50 per night. The Mead’s also operate a small campground for RV’s and tents. There is even a small playground for children. The campground is a good place to serve as a base camp while exploring the prehistoric and pioneer history of the canyon.

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On Saturdays, Nine Mile Canyon Ranch offers horse drawn wagon rides and horseback riding, provided by Randy and Alicia Melton.

This is a big weekend attraction and you usually need to make reservations in advance. Just remember this is the family stuff that memories are made of.

There are three restored cabins on Nine Mile Ranch available for rental.
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Nine mile canyon is rich in pioneer history and has the largest concentration of prehistoric rock art any place on the planet. Ben Mead at the age of 80 has been a lifelong resident of Nine Mile Canyon. He is available for guided tours that will show you things that most people never get to see. He is also quite a storyteller who will keep you thoroughly entertained.

For more information contact Nine Mile Ranch at (435) 650 – 5398 or email ninemileranchutah@gmail.com . For the wagon and horseback rides contact Flying J Outfitter at 435-646-3208 or http://www.flyingjoutfitters.com. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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