Computer application helps remind people to make kindness a daily activity

By Daniel Whitlock

Kinding started as a project for me to practice my design and front-end development skills.

I wanted to build something that would delight people and be free and easy to use. Thus, the idea for a random acts of kindness generator was born.

Kinding was designed in a software called Figma and built using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The app is a Google Chrome Extension. Users can get their kinding challenges by installing the app to their Chrome browser (on either PC or Mac). From the app you can commit to the challenge, receive encouragement, or, if the challenge is too difficult, refresh the app and get a new one.

A “kinding challenge” is essentially a random act of kindness. These challenges need to have the following attributes: – is challenging – can be done in a day – is an act toward someone else – is not specific to one demographic – anyone can do it regardless of age/location/resources/etc

You can visit the website at to download the Chrome Extension.

Help make the world a better place one kinding challenge at a time! (Serve Daily submission.)

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