Friday, September 23, 2022

Fiesta Days loom with some cancellations due to Coronavirus

Spanish Fork Fiesta Days 2018

With the current COVID-19 conditions, the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Executive Committee has evaluated all of its events and determined which ones can be held this year and which will have to be canceled.

Scheduled Events

Events to be held include:

Baby Contest, July 15;

Car Show, July 11;

DUP Baby Quilt Sales, July 21;

Fireworks Spectacular, July 24;

Food Truck Take-Out, July 24;

Golf Tournament, July 25;

Kickball Challenge; July 14;

Men’s Softball Tournament, July 11;

Pickleball Tournament, July 11;

Pioneer Day Pool Party, July 24;

PRCA Rodeo & Xtreme Bulls, July 20-24;

Sidewalk Sales, July 21-25;

Speedy Spaniard 10K & Kid’s Mile Run, July 24;

Spikeball Tournament, July 15;

Tennis Tournament, July 25, 27-31;

Western Zone ATA Shoot;

Youtheatre “Frozen Jr.” with Community Theater Pre-Show, July 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 25.

Cancelled Events

The following events for Fiesta Days have been cancelled for this year:

Adopt-a-Duck Race;


Children’s Parade;

Children’s Tent;

Craft Fair;

DUP Museum Tours;

Entertainment in the Park;

Fireworks Concert;

Fish Rodeo;

Flag Retirement Ceremony;

Food Vendors in the Park;

Grand Parade;

Outdoor Quilt Show;


Spanish Fork’s Got Talent;

Street Dance;

Night in the Park.

Guest Contributor
Guest Contributor
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