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They have been friends since high school and are now partners in a growing business providing a service for a task few people want to do for themselves.

They wash windows.

Brothers Brycen and Jordan Woods and Jordan Humphreys opened The Squeegee Boys window cleaning service in July of 2018 and with a strong work ethic and meticulous nature, have watched their business grow.

All in their 20s, the friends and partners recognized the possibility to create a business and embraced the entrepreneur spirit.

“Brycen had the idea,” said Humphreys. “We partnered up and decided we would go for it. The hard part was coming up with a name for the business.”

They now work full-time providing commercial and residential window cleaning services for a growing base of loyal customers, primarily in Utah and Salt Lake counties.

The business has grown in the past two years and they now have eight employees working with them.

Although they don’t provide window cleaning services for high rises, it is a skillset they plan to pursue in the future.

The Squeegee Boys also provides post construction window cleaning for residential homes and commercial buildings and with the booming construction market in Utah Valley, business for their services is also growing.

Humphreys said the winter months are the slow period for their business, but their commercial jobs carry them through until springtime, when things can get hectic.

“It’s been a journey. It’s back and forth all the time, but its consistently going up,” he said.

Taking the leap into entrepreneurship came at the right time for Humphreys, who wasn’t finding what he was looking for in college.

“I don’t know how many times I changed my major. I went from medical to accounting to business management. Nothing really felt like what I wanted to do,” he said.

Humphreys said he might go back to college one day and get his degree but mused that there were a lot of avenues available for education.

“You learn a ton just from doing. There’s so many educational things out there,” he said.

Cleaning windows on a post construction home in Payson, Humphreys did so with a smile and said he and his partners enjoy the work and the opportunities it provides not only for them, but their employees.

“It’s fun to grow something that gives people an opportunity for work.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a business owner is the interaction with their customers, and it is what keeps the three men smiling while they work.

“We have some awesome relationships with people,” Humphreys said. “We don’t call them customers; we call them fans. We’ve got some awesome fans.” For more information about The Squeegee Boys, visit their website at (Davis is the editor of Serve Daily.)

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