Sunday, September 25, 2022

Spanish Oaks Reservoir Offers Pleasant Getaway

The criteria for a destination this month was something close by, something with water, and something the kids would enjoy.

Those requirements were met by discovering the Spanish Oaks Reservoir. It is only about 1.8 miles off the junction of Highway 6 and Powerhouse Road, east of Spanish Fork. However, it is not well marked.

About 0.9 miles south on Powerhouse Road is a left turn onto Spanish Oaks Drive. A small sign informs you that up the road is the Spanish Fork Gun Club. No mention of Spanish Oaks Reservoir. The road climbs through a residential area and then you see another sign informing you of the Spanish Fork Gun Club and another sign that the road ahead is a dead end. Continuing up Spanish Oaks Drive is a sign welcoming you to Spanish Oaks Reservoir and its rules and regulations. To the right you will see the gun club.

The Spanish Oaks Reservoir is small and only covers about five acres. It was built in 2002 and filled with water in 2003. It was built to support Spanish Fork’s pressurized irrigation system. The reservoir has a nice sandy beach on the west side and concrete around the rest.

It is a neat place for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. For the kids there is a nice playground above the south side of the reservoir. There are picnic tables and restrooms near the playground. For group events there is a pavilion with gas grills that can be reserved. There is no fee for day use of the reservoir area, which is open from dawn to dark.

There is a campground above the reservoir if you’re inclined to spend a few days camping not far from home. Camping is reasonable at $10 a night for a single campsite and double campsites are $15 a night. There are only 14 campsites and drop-in availability is usually limited. Reservations are recommended. There is a 14-day limit on your length of stay. Reservations can be made by calling 801-804-4600. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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