Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Your Family Could be Eligible for Pandemic EBT!

Pandemic EBT is a federal program intended to make up the cost of free or reduced school meals that families would have received while schools closed from March through May of 2020.

These benefits are available to any family that was eligible to receive Free or Reduced Price school meals during that time period.

Families who were on SNAP on or before March 16th will automatically receive $308 per student. Pandemic EBT will be added to their EBT cards. Students who were getting Free lunch (but not on SNAP) or who received reduced price meals on or before March 16 will need to apply. The application closes on August 31st at midnight. 

You can apply for these benefits at https://jobs.utah.gov/mycase/web/guest/pebt

For general questions utilize the P-EBT Phone Hotline at 1-866-435-7414

If you live in Utah County and need help applying for P-EBT contact:

Community Health Connect  at 801-818-3016

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Guest Contributor
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