Sunday, September 25, 2022

First day of school

The Nebo School District started its school year with more than 90 percent of students enrolling in “At-School Learning” and the rest with “Remote Learning” with a Nebo teacher.

KUTV2 News came to cover the first day, and the “red carpet” royal treatment was experienced by many Nebo students on the first day.

Students were welcomed by large signs and tender messages. Our Nebo educators truly missed their students over the last five months. The Nebo theme this year is “Be the MAGIC”–Mindful, Appreciative, Gritty, Innovative, Caring. Some of the messages sent to students on the first day include the following: “Yes, a lot has changed this year in 2020. But one thing that has not changed is the love our teachers have for your students.”

Spanish Fork police officers along with teachers and staff welcomed the students back to school.

Students came prepared with their masks and water bottles and did a great job socially distancing and being kind and polite to everyone. (Serve Daily submission.)

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