Valley View opens its doors to students in Salem

Valley View Middle School in Salem held its ribbon cutting ceremony on Aug. 17.

Principal David Knudsen welcomed future students, city officials, state representatives, Nebo School District personnel, school employees, and parents.

Principal Knudsen said, “I am excited to have our hallways full of students. It will be nice to hear them laugh and see their smile and excitement in their eyes. It has been way too long without students, and it will be nice to have life return back to being more normal,” Knudsen said.

The Boy Scouts of America troop #1944 conducted the flag ceremony in respectable fashion. Superintendent Rick Nielsen introduced honored guests including MHTN Architects, Westland General Contractors, engineers, and others that made this school possible.

“This is a reminder for everyone that what we do in Nebo School District begins and ends with students,” Nielsen said. “The shell is constructed and now the soul – the students—will enter the shell and bring it to life.”

Some of the new students coming to this brand new school sang “Homeward Bound” arranged by Jay Althouse.

The pianist was Coral Lee Findley, and the student choir was directed by Heather Christiansen. Parents and students were then welcomed into the Valley View Middle. The school is located at 1044 East 340 South in Salem. It sits on an 18-acre site with 143,500 square feet of floor space with 51 teaching stations, two computer labs, one full gymnasium, one lecture hall, and a cafetorium with a stage. (Serve Daily submission.)

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