Pando Aspen Forest Awaits Discovery

With the arrival of September, we will start seeing fall colors appearing later in the month. On a list of things to see you should include the famous Pando aspen forest.

This aspen grove is the largest plant colony with a common and connected root system on the planet.

The root system is estimated to be several thousand years old. Pando is Latin for “I spread” and covers 108 acres in the Fish Lake National Forest.

The Pando is adjacent  to Doctor Creek Campground, which also fronts Fish Lake, and presents a wonderful opportunity for a family outing. Not only is Pando famous for its huge colony of aspen trees, for an additional explicative, Fish Lake is the largest mountain lake in Utah.

From the Springville/Spanish Fork area it is about 138 miles to the Pando aspen forest and Fish Lake. It would be a long one-day trip or a comfortable overnight trip.

Drive south on I-15 to Exit 188 for US 50 and Scipio. Continue on US 50 to the junction with Highway 260 and turn right continuing southbound. This will lead you to Utah 24 for the next leg of your journey. You will eventually make a left turn on to Utah 25 North.

From this point it is about nine miles to the Pando aspen clone and Fish Lake. This last leg of the trip climbs up the mountain with many spectacular views to enjoy with family.

The author’s trip was made last Sept. 29 and was a spectacular sight to see an entire hillside in yellow aspen leaves shimmering in the mountain breeze.

Aspen trees are known as “quaking” aspen because of their leaves fluttering in the wind.

The Pando forest has been called the “Trembling Giant.” Among the stand of trees, a dozen deer were observed at several locations, which is always a fun sight. (Helmick is a Serve Daily contributor.)

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